Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Drive Posters: Another Highbrow Art Post

It seems like every day a new awesome Drive poster pops up somewhere and I am not getting bored of them! What is it about Drive that makes it so tempting to recreate? Perhaps its the sexy pink font, or the soundtrack or the performances. It's so rare for a film these days to come along and completely take off! Cult followings are nothing new, but to have been part of one from the beginning and know there are a bunch of people out there that love this film as much as I do fills me with so much happiness. I've picked some of my favourite Drive posters from around the web to show you today.
1 || 2
3 || 4
Sadly, a lot of these posters had a limited run and are no longer available, but they're still pretty sweet to check out!

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  1. GTA-nonymous21/3/12 22:50

    very good, here is my entry


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