Sunday, 12 February 2012

Project 366: Weeks 5 & 6

I FORGOT TO DO A PHOTO THIS SATURDAY. I am just going to use a photo from Friday since I took a bunch. WORST FEELING EVER.
 Red Leaves on the dirty ground.
 My favourite socks!
 This corner of the house is so nice in the morning, especially when the sun is out!
 I went to Leicester's finest dinosaur museum! It was opened by Richard Attenborough aka JOHN HAMMOND HIMSELF.
 Alex has the best posters in her room!
 I totally crashed after Leicester and woke up from a nap to ETERNAL DARKNESS.
 Owl coin purse.
 On Wednesday I went and saw Nada Surf at Koko in London! They didn't play Popular, BOO! (p.s they were still rly gr8)
 On Thursday I went to the Princes Charles Cinema (my favourite place in the world) to go see The Room with a live intro from Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestaro! It was amazing, obviously. It's my second time seeing The Room on the big screen and I even got to chuck some spoons this time.
 Icicles in Michael's garden!
THE DREADED NON-DAY. Here is a photo of a rose from Friday.

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