Tuesday, 17 January 2012

About Me

Alright?! My 'About Me' section was mega out of date so here I go again, talking about myself! I'm Robyn, I'm twenty-four and I live in England. Perpetually flaky, disorganised and lazy, this is my sporadically updated blog. I like to take photos, mostly of flowers and the sky. One day I want to be a special effects make up artist for films, but that's really just a dream. I am currently unemployed employed unemployed in a boring office job that I like to moan about all the time. When not moaning or sleeping, I can be found wandering London looking lost or lying in bed all day. My hometown is Cheltenham and I went to uni at UWE in Bristol.

Some of my interests include: Jeff Goldblum, crisps, unicorns, french bulldogs, John Waters and the Dreamlanders, 90s/early 00s teen films, 70s exploitation, 80s horror, crumpets, going to the cinema and being a boss bitch. I hope you enjoy reading my blog, or at the least, don't hate me by the end of it!

I also run a body positivity blog on tumblr over here.


  1. I'm 21 going on 9! I love that you like 90's toys. In fact, I just made a nostalgia blog post haha. I think I'm going to do one once a week where I post old 90's and 80's things like carebears, my little pony, etc.

  2. Hi there! just stumble upon your blog and have to say that no only to I love that you are from the UK, but also that you share the same love for movies! I love to quote movies while watching them, and even when I'm not watching them haha my mom finds it extremely annoying... I've done a few movie review on my blog--> http://www.thisgardenstateofmind.blogspot.com but they're really not serious reviews, more of me just expressing how much I loved/hated a movie I had just seen... check it out if you'd like!

  3. Wowee! So i just posted on your bodyshop eczema post.. I also lived in Cheltenham a couple of years ago! I went to uni there studying Illustration at Pittville :) Haha coincidences! Like you, I also collect/hoard vintagey bits and bobs, SO MANY VHS tapes!!!


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