Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Have You Heard?

I have a lot of weaknesses. Ryan Gosling, pizza, puppies and one weakness actually relevant to this post which is female rappers. As a girl growing up in the 90s I was obsessed with Lisa Left-Eye Lopez and I think I can pin point the start of my obsession with watching the Waterfalls video for the first time. She was just so cute! But totally feisty! It blew my tiny mind. I've loved many since, I've battled with myself over whether I wanted to side with Lil Kim or Nicki Minaj in their feud (I'm still undecided), I've tried to be heard over the music in the cheese clubs telling people why Salt 'n' Peppa are so important, I've had a life long obsession with Betty Boo even down to jacking her hairstyle since I was fifteen. I am mildly in love with K.Flay so much so that I'm considering becoming her full-time stalker.

It seems that recently there have been a buttload of female rappers trying to make it in the biz. I was excited when Kreayshawn dropped, though the drama in White Girl Mob has kind of put me off listening to anything they put out. One girl to come out and really catch my attention has been Iggy Azalea.
I first heard about Iggy from Desboobs, who is probably the coolest blogger in the world. Iggy is an awesome rapper and has original songs and I just love her. Plus, she always looks so amazing I can't even deal.
Australian born, Iggy ran off to America when she was sixteen to pursue music. There's been a lot of buzz about her but she's not even been signed yet. You can see why everyone loves her though. She's totally bold and strong and we need more women like her around. Obviously because she's a woman she doesn't get judged on her rapping ability, but instead comments like "she's good for a woman" are inevitably being banded around. When are we going to get over shit like that? It pisses me off so much. Iggy has made her EP free to download from her website and I totally urge you all to get it, especially if you like dirty lyrics and like, amazing songs. Watch out for any shows near you since I think she's probably going to be touring soon!

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