Thursday, 13 October 2011

Halloween Month!

Oh gosh, hello! It's been a while, hasn't it? I haven't even been busy, I wont lie to you. I'm just lazy and sort of lost my way with this blogging business (aka Tumblr happened), so I've had a bit of a clear out and hopefully I can focus this place into something awesome that I can check and think "I have accomplished something today". One thing I really enjoyed doing last year around this time was telling you all about my favourite horror films in the run up to Halloween and I really wanted to do it again! I've got some modern horror and some old horror lined up so hopefully some of you have stuck around to read my waffle. I'm starting off with an oldie but probably one of the creepiest films of all time...
It's friggin PHANTASM!! I first saw Phantasm maybe seven years ago really late at night on BBC2. I only caught the sphere scene so I was pretty lucky since that sphere only shows up a couple of times, but I never forgot it. A few of you might know that I'm sort of magnetically attracted to anything shiny and silver and it just so happens that the Phantasm boxset is mighty shiny and silver, so with my interest piqued I totally did the nasty on this film and watched it online!! I'M SORRY, PHANTASM BUT I'M TOTALLY POOR.

Let me tell you one thing first, DO NOT WATCH THIS FILM ONLINE. I cannot stress that enough. Even through the grainy picture quality I could tell this film deserved more (and believe me I'm not one of those insufferable people who goes on and on about HD because I don't really care). This film came out in the 70s but it just feels so different. It has clean lines and a medicinal feel that should be viewed comfortably on a nice telly (or omg maybe a cinema one day).

Perhaps I wouldn't even say this is a straight up horror film. It's definitely got a sci-fi look and deals with sci-fi themes but there's plenty of bizarro gore mixed in to keep things interesting. Besides, it's got such an amazing baddie in it that is SO SCARY. You know Slenderman from MarbleHornets? The Tall Man MUST be his inspiration. He spends the whole film in a suit in a morgue surrounded by dead bodies. There's no backstory to him, he just is. Oh, and he happens to be totally indestructible and has an army of blood thirsty creatures to boot.

The film focuses on two brothers as they are plunged into The Tall Man's world. With the help of their faithful er.. ice cream man friend, they must ride than ice cream truck to its limit to defeat evil! I can't really say anymore about the plot without spoiling anything, but trust me it's brilliant and just silly enough to watch alone in the dark. Besides, the soundtrack is brilliant too. It's mega. In fact, listen below and make up your own mind!

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