Monday, 10 January 2011

2010 Round-up!

This is sooo late! My bad, my bad! Despite being ten days into 2011 I still want to do my 2010 round-up because I'm self indulgent like that. 2010 was a year of a lot of epic fails peppered with some amazing moments (mostly live bands) so here are my ~personal highlights of the past year!

I saw a bunch of my favourite bands in 2010 including: Motion City Soundtrack, Alkaline Trio, Cobra Starship, Happy Mondays, Lightning Seeds, Brand New and Glassjaw. I also discovered a bunch of new bands to obsess over thanks to seeing them live including: Foxy Shazam, Free Energy and Against Me! But the highlight of the year must be Reading Festival becuse I got to see Blink-182 and most importantly Weezer! I've been a massive Weezer fan since I was little so it was sort of like a religious experience getting to finally see them.
This is the crowd for Blink at the end of the night, crazy huh?! We were somewhere near the front and I thought I was going to die trying to get out after they were finished! Well worth it though and we're going to see Blink again twice during July!

(haha not an official video but I thought it was quite funny!)
 The summer is always a good time for me because it's also my birthday! I spent it drinking tequila with my family during my Mexican themed birthday. My boyfriend got me the best present ever, which was tickets to a play called Prisoner Of Second Ave which may not seem a big deal if you didn't know that the play was actually starring JEFF GOLDBLUM! I don't think my obsession with Jeff is well documented on here, but he is my favourite actor of all time and I regularly wax poetic about him. The play was super funny and in a really intimate theater where we were four rows from the front. Jeff was brilliant and once again I think I had some sort of religious experience watching him! We didn't stick around to meet him afterwards, but my boyfriend did snap this picture which I will treasure forever..

Those were my biggies, other amazing stuff that happened: Ken Jeong spoke to me on Twitter, my niece was born, I discovered Misfits, I wore my first pair of  Dr Martens and I remained relatively sane! I have lots to look forward to in 2011 including a trip to Euro Disney, moving to London and perhaps, maybe finally being able to call myself employed!

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  1. The Passenger10/1/11 20:42

    Hahaha the tags are fantastic. I think you captured the best moments pretty well. It's nice to see them all described together, 2010 was a happy ride :D


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