Sunday, 19 September 2010

Ace Enders is Dust'n Off The Ol' Guitar!

Music is one of my biggest interests, both my parents and brothers were heavily into music so it's always been in my life. I think this is probably why this blog is slowly becoming a music blog! Anyway, I have an album for you lot to look at. It's called Dust'n Off The Ol' Guitar and it's a collection of acoustic renditions of songs from Ace Ender's career. Ace Enders was the singer from The Early November, who were by and large the best pop punk/emo band to come out of the mid '00s. What set them apart from their counterparts was their need to experiment and push what was expected of them. Dudes did a three part concept album, the third part being a mostly spoken story. I'm getting off track here, I just want you to know that it's safe to say that Ace Enders is a bit of a genius. With the voice of an angel.

The album has a bunch of songs on chosen by the fans, recorded acoustically with just a guitar and a xylophone. You can find all versions of the album to buy here, personally I bought the t-shirt package whic comes with a handmade t-shirt made by Ace himself. Yeah, he' pretty good to his fans! If you buy a physical copy Ace will include a personalised messageof your choice in the album sleeve. It's pretty much a sweet deal! The CDs aren't being shipped 'til October so as soon as you buy it a digital copy it's sent to your inbox. I can tell you that I don't even LIKE acoustic albums and I am in love with this. My favourites are 'Something That Produces Results' and of course, 'I Want To Hear You Sad', the anthem of The Early November's short time in the spotlight!

Once the album reaches 5,000 sales Ace is releasing three more acoustic songs free of charge because he's such a nice guy, so if you think you might enjoy this please give it a shot!

I don't get sent free stuff for this blog, I don't get paid to say anything here, these are all my real feelings, from one music lover to another. All proceeds go to helping Ace tour, I'm hoping one day he might be able to come to the UK :) If you've never heard any Ace stuff, below is something I nabbed off of Youtube, it'll blow your mind!

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  1. I can Mike a mess19/9/10 17:37

    So transparent! you just want the 3 extra tracks.
    If I hadn't already bought it, I wouldn't, just to spite you.

    P.S. It's the best thing ever!


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