Monday, 19 July 2010

The Great Big Body Project

In my bathroom there is a set of scales. They're the scales that I ignore when I shower and brush my teeth and wash my face. Me and the scales have history, and it's not history I wanted to repeat. But today for some reason I stepped on the scales (then stepped off the scales, then stepped on the scales again once I had my glasses on) and instantly felt disgusted with myself. I'd put on five lbs since moving back home into my Mum's house. I thought about this for a while, I browsed body positive blogs and finally came across a picture than changed everything.
(I don't know the source for this picture, if anyone does let me know)
Isn't that a wonderful photo? Ladies who look exactly the same size and shape, are actually very different. One is a size 14, the other an 18. That got me thinking, how many of us are going around believing we are too fat or too skinny or completely worthless, just because of a size dictated to us by the fashion industry? They can't even decided between themselves! In one shop you're a 10, another you're an 18. Trying to measure up to a pair of jeans your butt wont fit into, even though your same-sized friend can fit into them perfectly is totally frustrating, but this picture opened my eyes. I propose we do something about it.

I want to start the biggest catalogue of photos and stories from normal women (that means EVERY size, EVERY shape) for us all to look at when we're feeling down. No one should be upset because their body is different, we should cherish our individuality, and be surprised what parts of ourselves others find attractive (and are jealous about!). Do you want to contribute to this project? What I want is a photo of you. You don't have to show your face, but at least your full torso, along with your: height, weight, measurements, clothing size (be sure to say what country clothing size that is, e.g. a UK 14 or US 16) and a little paragraph about why you love yourself. If we all do this together, we can help each other on the road to accepting that we're not all going to look like models, we don't need plastic surgery to lift our boobs or whittle down our butts. WE ARE FINE THE WAY WE ARE.

If you're interested, please send an email to with everything, alternatively you could submit your entry to! once I have a few pictures I can start putting them up!


  1. I stepped on the scales this morning and thought the same thing - I love blog posts like this :)


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