Saturday, 19 June 2010

Hello Kitty/Doc Marten Colab!

I'm harbouring a not-so-secret obsession with Doc Martens, guys. I mean, I think about them all the time. They follow me around, not just on people's feet, but I happen to have opened two magazines this month to be greeted with articles about my favourite footwear. So, I was pretty excited when we got a sneak peek at probably the greatest pairing in fashion history, Doc Marten and Hello Kitty!
Oh my GOSH! I absolutely love the white and blue ones! I must have them immediately. The pink/black ones are a little too Hot Topic for me, but I'm already a fan of white boots anyway, putting a ribbon on them only makes it better! These shoes are probably going to cost an obscene amount of money, and sell out real fast, so good luck buying any! But a girl can dream...

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