Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Free Energy: your new favourite band

Back in March I went to go see Motion City Soundtrack play at Birmingham Academy (which is an amazing new venue, but I do miss the old shitty one!) and one of the support acts was Free Energy, a kind of psychedelic, sixties inspired group with feathers in their guitars and skinny jeans. Basically, they were awesome, and although I looked, I couldn't see them selling any records at the show. They were really fun and totally got the crowd going! The singer, to me, sounds a lot like Julian Casablancas, and the whole band are pretty buff. Perfect summer music!

They're touring in the UK later this month and I urge everyone to check them out, you'll have a blast. Also, you can buy the album from Amazon! You can listen to some songs off the album on their Myspace, my favourite is 'All I Know'.

Check out their adorable video for the new single:

Here is a Polyvore of what I would wear to a Free Energy gig, or just to dance around my bedroom to Jimi Hendrix!

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