Monday, 5 August 2013

Why You Should Still Be Watching Cartoons

Ugly Americans

I don't know if you've noticed, but every decade it seems the telly goes through a good quality cartoon renaissance. There was the golden age of Daria, King of the Hill and Beavis and Butthead, there was the dark ages of Family Guy and Drawn Together, and I only came to realise the other day just how many good quality cartoons there are around at the moment! I am a cartoon junkie. It doesn't matter if its aimed at kids, if its vile or stupid or depressing- if its a cartoon I am immediately interested.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

 So what makes a cartoon worth your time? Well for one thing, they're usually twenty to thirty minutes bursts of bright colour and energy! You can easily stick a couple on before you go to bed or whilst you're getting ready for work without having to invest a lot of thought or energy into it. It also makes it very easy to binge! For instance, I decided to rewatch Bob's Burgers yesterday and got through seven episodes in one afternoon. For an instant fix of good telly there is nothing better than a cartoon!


The beauty of cartoons is that there is something for all tastes. If you like your shows more mature then Archer is a witty office based show, if you like fantasy based shows then Adventure Time deals with princesses and knights! Everyone should be aware by now that cartoons aren't just for kids (even if the average six year old can quote South Park these days) and with a lot of cartoons being picked up by Netflix theres no excuse not to get involved!

Regular Show

I'm a pretty big champion of Cartoon Network. Ever since my own childhood they have bene consistently showing incredible cartoons (Dexter's Lab, anyone?). Even though I was a die hard Nickelodeon fan when I was little CN was always hot on its heels. They have an eye for innovation, when they brought Adventure Time to TV nothing like it had ever been seen before, you got to respect them for that.

Adventure Time

Cartoons can also deal with serious issues in a way that doesn't feel uncomfortable. Adventure Time features a body positive space lump, and the aftermath of someone who has a mental breakdown, to name but a few of the topics they deal with. Just when you think you're safe a cartoon will lay something heavy on you to make you pause and think. The way the family in Bob's Burgers genuinely love each other, the importance of having friends in My Little Pony... dude, I think every adult should watch cartoons for educational purposes!

Bob's Burgers

What about you guys? Do you have any favourite modern cartoons? What about the ones you grew up with? My ultimate favourite cartoon is Ren and Stimpy but I have so so many others too! Do you still get up on a Saturday to watch the likes of Ben 10, or were cartoons just better back when you were a kid?


  1. I grew up watching Tale Spin, Rescue Rangers, and Duck Tales. My favorite modern cartoon is definitely South Park. Oh, and SpongeBob. I love me some SpongeBob!

    1. Tale Spin is so great! All of these are. The Duck Tales theme tune is so kick ass!


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