Thursday, 8 August 2013

Mad Love for Mad Fat Diary

OMG, get with the times Robyn! Yes, I am completely behind on the My Mad Fat Diary bandwagon, and there is no excuse! Have you been watching? Its basically the most heartwrenching, heartwarming telly I've seen in bloody ages, its up there with This Is England as just fantastic viewing. Please tell me you've watched it because its all I can think about!?

If you're not up to speed, MMFD is a six part series that ran on E4 at the beginning of the year. Set in 1996, it follows Rae, a fat and slightly mental sixteen year old trying to get through life as best she can. It also has a whole host of other lovely characters and gosh, I could go into a lot of detail but if you haven't seen it its probably best to go in blind! (p.s. the boys are FIT.)

This show knocked me for six, its like someone peeped inside my head, took my teenage years and splashed them all across the screen. I think that's the beauty of it, no matter who you are we have all felt like Rae at some point. Not to mention how fat-positive it is, with well rounded female characters (with flaws!) and an accurate, sensitive portrayal of mental illness. It ticks nearly every box on the 'perfect telly' chart (my own personal chart fyi) and the last episode had me a sobbing wreck with how much it affected me.

Not only does it have all that, but it also has one of the best, well chosen soundtracks EVER! I mean, its not hard is it, to pick good songs in the midst of britpop, but it doesn't go for the obvious choices, there's Blur album tracks, THERE IS MY FAVOURITE STONE ROSES SONG. It seemed like once an episode I would go "HOW DO THEY KNOW I LOVE THIS ONE?" to "I FORGOT ALL ABOUT THAT SONG!" within minutes of each other. I can't deny I am not loving with britpop resurrection we are going through at the moment, what with the Stone Roses films coming out left, right and centre and all that.

Please please give this a chance! Its on 4OD, on amazon and coming back for a second series sometime this year!  It is WELL WORTH your time. CAPSLOCK.

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