Monday, 15 July 2013

Postcard Problems

When I was packing up my room for the move, I noticed something that had crept up on me slowly, I was becoming a postcard hoarder. Well, not postcards specifically, but postcard sized art prints. I just can't get enough! If I go somewhere where they have postcard sized things, especially for free, I pretty much have to have them (so sorry, Prince Charles Cinema)!

They're a super cheap and space-saving way to own a bit of art from your favourite artists and I always get super happy if I see online shops that have them. Its also a nice feeling like you're supporting someone even if you can't break the bank yourself!

My problem is that I can never think of a good way to display them. Blutack leaves horrible residue ont he back and I don't want to glue them because I can't commit to putting something somewhere forever! At the moment I have all of mine in a box on the shelf, but I want to show off some awesome artwork in my flat! Any tips from anyone?

You can bet when I go to Disney in September I'm going to pick up a buttload of postcards, they're so small and easy to get back in my suitcase. I really hope they have some interesting art cards and not just photos of the park. 

The illustrated postcards are from Pony People and Flapperdoodle, the film postcards are from an awesome shop in Soho who have a website here!

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