Wednesday, 4 July 2012

A Day Out

On Sunday me and Michael decided to have a wander around London. I much prefer days in London with no plans, otherwise you can get sucked up into the rush and end up hurrying everywhere! Despite a rather stressful walk down Oxford/Regent Street (another place I really can't hack) the day was really nice! We started out by trying out the new cable cars "gondolas" that have been built for the Olympics. They go from Greenwich, pretty much by the O2 Arena and take you over the Thames to near Canary Warf sort of. It was pretty much chaos trying to get a ticket but the actual trip is really good! If it actually landed somewhere useful like in central London it would be the quickest commute ever! I reckon we should travel by gondola everywhere. Anyways, despite the novelty of dangling a million billion feet above the water for five minutes, it was pretty underwhelming. You can't see any landmarks and it lands in the middle of nowhere, so I can't really imagine what it'll be used for after the Olympics! Still, it's pretty cool!
It sort of looks like everything in London has started having a good scrub. Maybe it was lazily walking around instead of hurrying, but I found the buildings very pretty on this day. Usually I'm scowling at them blocking out the sun! 
The reason we were in London was because I really love frozen yogurt at the moment and I really wanted some for breakfast! By the time we managed to get to Snog it was nearly 2pm, but I still loved it! Snog is a lovely little place and the fruit is super fresh and seasonal. The second picture is of me freaking out  in Beyond Retro over wanting this vintage sailor jacket SO BAD. But it was just too boxy for me to justify £20 on! I've been looking for a jacket, or a dress or a top, anything with the little sailor flap (obv technical term) over the shoulders. Guess I'll just have to keep looking!
To show how crazy the weather is, look at the sky compared to the reflection on the building! It was sunny then grey pretty much all day, I wish it would just make up its mind! Preferably towards the sunny side of things!


  1. Looks like a great day! I've only been in London once or twice but would love to go back. Hopefully this year still:D

  2. Oooo, fro-yo! It looks sooo good with all that fresh fruit. I can't eat it anymore but I used to be bad and only get candy toppings. Very nice photos. I'll have to check out Beyond Retro one day. :)


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