Saturday, 12 May 2012

Nail Review: Models Own Indian Ocean

I saw this polish the other day and was INSTANTLY SMITTEN. In the bottle it looks very blue with flecks of pink and silver glitter but as with ALL GLITTER POLISH what was in the bottle wasn't what it looked like on my nails.
So Indian Ocean is part of the Beetlejuice range from Models Own, which has a huge range of AMAZING polishes that are meant to reflect the way beetles look or some shit, I dunno, all I know is they are totally bad ass but it doesn't really stop the fact that Models Own don't make very good polish over all. It took four coats to get a nice coverage that was anything like on the bottle, and even then it was still a silver with hardly any blue. HOWEVER. The colour is amazing once you get it thick enough. Oh gosh, I could stare at it for hours! As well as that, it looks incredible as a top coat over other colours. I tried it with my U Rok nail polish (on my fourth fingers) and it is super nice, giving good coverage but still letting the other colour show through. I would definitely recommend this polish but be prepared to be disappointed if you want anything like that it looks like on the bottle!


  1. I really really really really need dis.

  2. Loveee this!!!! <3

    xx Sherviii

  3. The colour is gorgeous!

  4. Love it!! Super sparkly! :D

    Erin :-)


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