Monday, 16 April 2012

Lets Play A Game...

Have you been on this site yet? It's totally addictive! You have to identify the film from the screenshot for points. I'm still kicking myself for thinking American Psycho was Batman Forever! Give it a whirl, it's super fun :). On another filmy note, don't you just love this blog? I always get so excited when they update! Bringing these two things together, I have taken some gifs from the blog and put them here for you to guess what they are! First one to get all five wins NOTHING. Sorry!





(all gifs made by the super cool people over at IWDRM)


  1. My Guesses are:
    1) Fire Walk With Me
    2) E.T.
    3) The Truman Show
    4) Sympathy for Lady Vengeance
    5) Tron

  2. number 4) That looks more like Audition to me. Yup, it's Audition. I know because the way she says 'kirikirikiri' while torturing the poor guy traumatized me! lol


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