Saturday, 17 March 2012

Netflix Top Picks

Here are my top picks for this week! I may also start doing Lovefilm top picks soon, does anyone use Lovefilm? I have both (for Lovefilm I only have the instant streaming package) and both of them together only comes to a tenner a month which is a bargain in my eyes!

1. The Men Who Stare At Goats
I'm not really sure why this film got so much flack when it came out, I thought it was amazing! I mean, it's kind of a dream cast? It has Clooney and Spacey and of course, my number one beard boo Jeff Bridges and they are all HILARIOUS in this. The story is insane but really fun and it has one of the best 'tripping on LSD' scenes I've ever seen in film! Watch this if you want to see Clooney doing something a bit different and if you want to be taken on a mystical journey.

2. A League Of Their Own
(This trailer is the exact opposite of this film!)
Where has Geena Davis been hiding recently? I love her so much, she's one of my top actresses of all time. A League Of Their Own is a great girl power film and I don't even like sports films so it must be good!

3. Phenomena
(this trailer is pretty gory)
Phenomena is a brutal film! Right from the very beginning. It's also really stylish! I went in to watch this with no knowledge about it and within five minutes I was like "damn son, this looks like a Dario Argento film" and it turns out it totally was! Also there is an adorable chimpanzee, and who doesn't love a film with a chimpanzee in it FOR NO REASON??? Phenomena stars a very young Jennifer Connelly and should be a staple for any serious horror fan.


  1. Jeff Bridge's Beard18/3/12 19:08

    Kevin Spacey giving the touch of death and then skipping away is the greatest moment in cinema

  2. I haven't seen Phenomena but I love the other Argento movies I've seen! I think I heard that Jennifer Connelly had her finger bitten off by an angry monkey on set (for real) but I could be mixing up my movie trivia...


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