Monday, 19 March 2012

My New Favourite Band

Have you guys seen that cute Renault advert where the couple are like going through all different stages of their life and at the end there is that baby doing the best WTF face at them? Well the song that plays throughout is really great, and I finally remembered to look it up! The song is You Wish You Were Red by Trailer Trash Tracys.
Pretty cool, huh? They remind me of Jesus And The Mary Chain and also this song reminds me soooo much of the theme tune to Twin Peaks! Both those things combined are like crack for me, I'm really into sort of dream-pop sounds where I imagine I've been out dancing all night and it gets to six in the morning and there's only a few of you left on the dancefloor and someone puts on something like this and you all do slow motion dancing. Gosh, does that make sense? Does it make me sound like a crazy person?! 

So anyway, I thought I'd check out some more of their stuff and it turns out they are a super duper fancy pants band with a bunch of amazing songs! I always get stoked when I discover a new band to listen to, I can't wait to buy the album! Do you want to hear more of their stuff? Because I took the liberty of finding some more for you! Yoooour welcome.

You can buy the album here!

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