Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My Glasses, My Glasses!

I can't be seen without my glasses! - Johnny Bravo
WHAT UP! Today I picked up two new pairs of glasses from the opticians! When I went to visit Alex in Leicester last month a did a bad thing and SNAPPED MY OLD GLASSES COMPLETELY IN HALF. Do not ask me how that happened, I'm guess some serious dance moves were involved, or perhaps a tumble down some stairs. Anyway, I had had my old glasses since 2006, which is pretty crazy. It was a blessing though because I was sooo sick of my frames that I never ever wore my glasses, for some reason I thought one pair of orange and one pair of red frames would be a good idea?! MAJAH COLOUR CLASHES EVERY DAY. This time I went for simpz, total black. 

The two pairs I picked out look pretty similar but one pair are thicker and have a cute lilac inside. I'm stoked, I feel UNASHAMED to wear these glasses in public now. I sort of hate glasses because they make my eyes look small and since huge eyes is all I have going for me it was quite an upset, but I'm hoping these bigger frames will make me feel less paranoid!


  1. Noway! I picked up MY new glasses yesterday!

    MINE ARE ALSO BIGGER FRAMES but not like yours, yours are well cool and you look great :D

  2. You look so cute in those amazing glasses!!
    I love your blog <3


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