Thursday, 8 March 2012

Lust In The Dust

If I've done this correctly, this is the first blog post I have ever ~SCHEDULED~ to post IN THE FUTURE. HELLO FROM THE FUTURE. Have I ever told you about how much I love time travel? It makes all my favourite things that much better. Like Day of the Tentacle, my favourite videogame! Erm, tangent! What was I doing? OH YEAH, ETSY WISHLIST. I've got some more Etsy lusts to show you..
I looooove this spine ring! It's so fancy and I love anything bony or anatomy based. I've bought so many rings recently including a gold tooth! But this would fit nicely into my collection.
Speaking of anatomy OMG this necklace is friggin adorable! What a good idea and I bet it would make a great craft project. I want to paint bones onto the back of everything, but they definitely wouldn't look as good as this!
 Ha! This brain box is not only a great pun but it also is SUPER GROSS/CUTE. It's so small! It looks so slimey! I want to put everything in it.
 I really need a new coin purse and I'm mildly obsessed with Red Riding Hood, so this is pretty perfect! The maker is The Dainty Squid who makes a lot of cute things and also runs a really fun blog!
Ahhhh! I love monsters, especially Bride of Frankenstein! This is so cute and I'ma lways on the lookout to add to my sweater collection. Or as I like to call them,  jumpers.


  1. I want that brain box!! SO cool!

  2. These are great- I totally want to try making making my own kitty skeleton necklace!


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