Thursday, 15 March 2012

Can you fly, Bobby?

Just a very quick blog post to show you what came int he post for me this morning. I was going to feature it on my Etsy wishlist before but you know, I did the dirty on you and hid it BECAUSE I THOUGHT SOMEONE WOULD BUY IT BEFORE ME. So sorry booboos, I know no one else is as obsessed with this film like me. Anyway,  I bought it a couple of weeks ago AND IT ARRIVED TODAY!
DAS RIGHT. ITS VINTAGE ROBOCOP BUBBLEBATH OMG. It's empty, no bubbles for me, but I just wanted the figure anyway. I love weird and wacky film memorabilia and I love Robocop, so I got a lil obsessed with buying this. He's currently sitting pretty on my shelf and guarding my My Little Pony collection, but next year when I do my next Oscar post he might make an appearance! He is perfect as an Oscar award, no?

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