Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Hey K.Flay!

Ohhh that title is pure cheese and I totally don't care. My blog has been pretty music heavy recently, but that's okay. Everyone needs a few new tunes in their life at some point. I JUST WRITE WHAT I KNOW. And I totally know that I love K.Flay. Yep. I'm positive that if you listened to her you would love her too, which is why I'm giving you a heads up on her new EP 'Eyes Wide Shut' (which you can download for free here, if you want. Though you can also buy it, which will make you feel goooooooooood inside.)
I first heard K.Fly on Tumblr when someone posted CRAZYtown, which I mistakenly thought might be a medley of that "come come my lady" group's greatest hits or something and turned out to be MUCH, MUCH BETTER. I was instantly hooked on her voice. It's so smooth and her lyrics are smart and funny. She's basically the coolest person in the world? Yeah, pretty much. Her songs make me nostalgic for growing up in America, which I never did by the way, but the lyrics about minivans and stuff make me wish I did. Man. All we had was a Vauxhall Nova when I was growing up!
So K.Flay's new EP dropped about a month ago now and it's ace! My favourite song on it is Sunburn which has a killer chorus. And all the different layers of instruments and all of it does funny things to me and I always, ALWAYS end up fist pumping by the end, and only one other song does that to me (shhh, it's Selena Gomez). But the rest of the tracks are great too. NOT ONLY THAT, but she always makes good videos, and you guys should know how much I appreciate a good music video! I MEAN COME ON, We Hate Everyone has a) puppets and b) smashing things. THIS IS PRETTY MUCH ALL I LIKE IN LIFE. Okay, getting a little sidetracked, but I guess what I'm saying is K.Flay is doing something different and she's really cool so I think you should give her a listen. You wont regret it!


  1. Ah, I love this, thanks! I'm just way to lazy to try and find new music myself these days :)

  2. super cool! just found this post and your awesome blog!


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