Sunday, 8 January 2012

Project 366

Week one of Project 366 is over! I found it quite easy to remember to do, but it has only been seven pictures so far! Its actually really hard to find stuff to photo, I've been doing some self portraits when I can't think of anything else but a lot of the stuff I'm photographing is little insights into my life. I think I'd quite like to look back on that when in the future so I'm not too fussed about the pictures seeming a little boring to everyone else! The worst bit is not all the pictures being amazing, I have to chalk it up to practice but it can be a little disheartening when other people doing the project get one amazing photo after another! I haven't fancied using the camera outside since the weather has been so gross recently but hopefully I'll get some green or at least some outside shots in my project soon! If not for anything then at least so the pictures come out clearer! Nothing kills photo quality like using indoor light, apparently. Here are my first seven photos:
Just a plain self portrait. I forgot I was doing this until I went to bed, hence a rather uninspired start to the project!
Brand new coat from H&M, £20 in the sales! I love it, it is fantastic and also warm. My mum will go mad if I buy anymore coats though, my room is filled with them but I looove coats and you need to have more than one, right?!
This is a big cross stitch project I'm working on. Eventually it is going to look like the stained glass bit at the beginning of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Well, fingers crossed anyway!
 My pile of books! I read a lot but I have a terrible attention span, so I'm usually reading a stack of books all at the same time. The ones I'm reading right now are Drive, Revolutionary Road, True Grit and I'm re-reading In The Miso Soup because its one of my favourites.
 This is a tiny part of my shelves. I use them to display all my crap. Believe me, I accumulate a lot of crap I don't want to throw away. I especially like this corner because it shows perfectly my love of cute, adorable things and then my love for extreme violence. That action figure is of Patrick Bateman, by the way. You can see Jeff Goldblum's head peeking out? That is the program from when I went to go see him in a play in London!
 When I was little I refused to wear trousers because they were "uncomfortable" and then from the ages of twelve to eighteen I wore jeans every day. These days its rare to get me into a pair because they ARE uncomfortable once you've experienced the freedom of movement that a good legging provides! But I bought these jeans by mistake thinking they were jeggings and kept them because they look really good rolled up with my doc martens and white socks.This picture is so blurry because I took it after coming back from the pub. Oops!
Pretty standard picture of the sky from my bedroom window! I have a lot of sky pictures, nothing cheers me up more than a bit of blue in the sky or a pink sunset.

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