Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Project 366: Week 3 & 4!

Mannnn, I got super sick on week three and it totally threw me off for everything I was doing! I haven't managed to finish my blog illustrations and my Project 366 pics became a little uninspired but in the end I stuck with it! I've got a whole week next week down in London so I'm definitely going to finish my blog stuff down there since I'll be all alone!
 This day was so productive! Working on blog illustrations. Look how tiny my desk is!
 I keep bidding on MLP on Ebay and I was super stoked when I won this sea pony! This is after I gave her a wash and shampoo.
 I got sick! This is my duvet mountain.
 Pretty clouds over Cheltenham
 The best soup ever. Butternut squash of course!
 My boyfriend cooking whilst I provided some excellent tunes.
 Sunday self portrait!
 My Jigglypuff, the first thing I see every morning!
 Really on a K.Flay kick recently.  Stay tuned!
 An empty dancefloor full of lazers.
 Raindrops on my window
 The moon
Sunday self portrait!


  1. Ah. I love how colourful your blog is. Especially your header!
    And we're looking for a super small computer desk like the one you have.

    1. thank you!! my desk is just a table that folds down if that makes any sense!

  2. Haha love Jigglypuff :D I have a big Kirby stuffed animal that I wake up too, they always look similiar to me.



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