Sunday, 15 January 2012

Project 366: Week 2!

I've managed to keep this up for two whole weeks! And! Some of these photos are not in my bedroom which is a first. The weather has been amazing recently, in fact this whole Winter has been very tolerable (watch as it snows for the next two months now I've said that) but the blue skies have definitely made me feel like going outside more, even if it is only into the garden. You may have noticed that some of these pictures are rotated, that's because I cannot bear the thought of all of them not matching! I am sorry! If you want to see themr ight way up just check them out on my Flickr, where the whole project is in a lovely contained folder with everything the right way up. I may not be very organised IRL but I do love to be organised on the computer! You should see my music folder, FRANKLY IT IS A THING OF BEAUTY.
 Sunday self portrait! Sometimes I add a beauty spot for some ~extra glamour.
 omg we got Netflix in the UK this week and it has literally changed my LIFE.
 My nan bought me a scratch card for Christmas and I won £10! Thanks nan!
 The weather has been very nice recently!
 OMG this sunset was intense, I took about 30 pictures of it that are on Flickr now!
 One of my NYR was to actually use up bath stuff people get me for Christmas. This stuff is Ted Baker and makes me feel well posh.
Just a couple of doodles.


  1. You really are excited about Netflix! I used to have it, but then they jacked the price up in the U.S. and thousands of people (including me) got rid of it. And the company kind of went under. That's probably why it's in the U.K. now! I did love it but I was paying $8 a month for it and then they took it up to $18!!! I love your doodles :)

    Mabel Time

    1. that really sucks! i hope they don't do that here, I don't think I'd pay over £5 for it since they don't have a huge selection yet :)

  2. Ted baker baths look just the same as ASDA baths


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