Monday, 17 October 2011

A Work In Progress

Ever since I was a young'un I've dabbled with dying my hair. I think I've had most colours (from blue that went grey and red that went orange) and I could only stand staying boring brown for so long. BESIDES, I TOTALLY FOUND A GREY HAIR what?! I'm twenty three for the love of all things holy! Oh well. In June I came across a lovely website that sells American hair dyes to the UK and took my first plunge into the world of Manic Panic. I've now got green, pink and brown hair and I'm kind of in love. Eventually I would like to have just baby pink with green underneath (pink and green is my most favourite colour combination) but that has to wait until I have more money! Pictures:
The colours have faded a lot in the last picture but as someone said to me it "looks good for Autumn", ha! The bleach I used was Stargazer 30 which managed to get my nearly naturally black hair to a good medium blonde colour without too much damage. I've had little breakage since using it and my hair still feels smooth and not dry. I would totally recommend it if you're doing a DIY job (just make sure you have a friend or a long suffering boyfriend around to help you). The green is Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise which is AMAZING. My hair was super bright for ages (example) and faded into a really nice green colour after about two months (bearing in mind I only wash my hair twice a week!). The pink is Special Effects Cupcake Pink which looks super bright in the tub but is much more of a baby pink colour than a hot pink. Your hair should probably be a light to a very light blonde when you put it on otherwise like me you can end up with some orangey bits, but it still looks neat and kind of like a tropical sunset! The pink hasn't really faded at all since I put it on and Special Effects are supposed to be super good at making pink dye so when I go pink all over this is the one I'm sticking with!

Okay, vanity post over! More Halloween goodies coming up soon!

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