Tuesday, 7 December 2010

My Dust'n Off The Ol' Guitar Package!

This morning it was so cold that I slept inside a sleeping bag inside my duvet for the first time since living in a student house. It's not even snowing here, just everything is covered in frost. The trees are white with frost! It's really eerie because it's so foggy too, it's almost like someone's just erased all the colour from the outside. My morning perked up considerably though when I heard the letterbox go and something heavy dropped onto the floor. I'm was expecting three things in the post, but this is what I wanted badly! I think it was a good omen last night that I fell asleep listening to The Early November, as it was my Dust'n Off The Ol' Guitar CD and t-shirt! Regular readers to my blog will have seen me mention this before, it's a CD from I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business aka Ace Enders and it's amazing. I got the digital copy ages ago but it's so nice to have the physical copy finally in my hands! I like to listen to CDs whilst I scramble eggs in my kitchen in the morning, and I'm so glad to finally add Dust'n to the mix! For anyone interested, I've photo'd what it looks like in case your were curious..
Firstly, here's what the album looks like. Pretty sweet, huh? It's signed by Ace which is really cute, I've never had anything signed before. The inside has got a college of really nice photos, including an adorable one of Ace, his wife Jen and their little baby Artie. Jen's blog can be found here and is a great insight into how to live with a musician. It's also got a nice, personal thank you note. The back has got some more cute photography including a screenshot of the album I guess whilst it was being made. The whole thing feels very personal and special and I'm glad I can have a small part in helping Ace make more albums or tours.
I also got a t-shirt! It's got screen printed cowboys sitting round a fire with I Can Make A Mess written on it. I got mine in a girl's large and it's pretty tight, but really soft. I'm kind of envious that Americans seem to have really nice, thin and soft t-shirts where as band t-shirts in the UK are definitely not this advanced yet!

You can buy Dust'n Off The Ol' Guitar however you want here, and keep a look out for Ace's Christmas tracks that he's recording! They have a deal on at the moment that you can buy a digital bundle of The World We Know, Dust'n and the Christmas songs for fifteen bucks. If you live in the UK that's a steal! Think about it. :)

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  1. That T-shirt is pretty tight! ;)

    (Sorry. You just look good tis all)


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