Wednesday, 16 June 2010

OMG Beluga Cam!

A little known fact about me (that's a lie, nearly everyone knows this about me) is that I have a list of my three favourite animals. In order of preference and radness, these three animals dominate my thoughts practically all day. These three animals are:

1. Manatee

2. Narwhal

3. Beluga

Obviously you can see why, considering how TALENTED and AMAZING these three animals are. Not to mention, adorable. Well, if you're now a convert to the manateenarwhalbeluga cult, I have something cool for you to check out! In Canada, some genius person has set up a camera in their Beluga tank! Check out this sweet look into living in an aquarium here and I challenge you not to spend all day on it!!


  1. "these three animals dominate my thoughts practically all day." = hilarious!

    You should start a manateenarwhalbeluga group!

    p.s. true blood s03e01 wasn't overly fantastic :( although jason was looking ripped as usual. not fair.

  2. yeah, it wasn't as mind blowing as i thought it was going to be :( i think it's slow starting the beginning of any new series, but I loved Pam!!! and also so many butts, esp jasons :3

    do you think there are other not-so-secret manateenarwhalbeluga enthusiasts out there?

  3. Hahaha. I believe if you can ultilise the Facebook platform, manateenarwhalbeluga mania would spread like wildfire!!

    k, perhaps not, but then that's because lots of people JUST AREN'T COOL :(


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