Tuesday, 8 June 2010

MTV Awards

The MTV Awards are done and dusted for another year and I managed to catch them on MTV last night. It was a pretty uneventful one, with Twilight dominating the entire night as I'm sure they will do every year until the last film is over. It was a lot of fun to see Kristen Stewart getting more and more irate at having to pretend she enjoys being part of the franchise every time she got up to accept an award, and the kiss between her and RPattz was awkwardly funny.

Another big winner of the night was Sandy Bullock, who I do not have a soft spot for. Her speech was cringe-worthy and I'd rather have heard Betty White cracking jokes more than her. The lowlight being a kiss between her and ScarJo that made me want to switch off. You would think in this day and age people would be able to stop objectifying lesbians and two "serious" actresses wouldn't have to stoop to pretending to kiss on stage for laughs.

The highlight of the night for me was Ken Jeong. His expressive art tiger dance (complete with leotard and tail) was genuinely funny, until it was interrupted by the unfunniest character Tom Cruise has ever played dancing with J.Lo, which left me baffled. Ken Jeong won an award for his performance in The Hangover, his speech was funny but also touching. Ken dedicated the entire night to his wife, who has been battling breast cancer. Both of them got choked up. Luckily Tran has been cancer free for a while now, the whole speech was amazing.
You can catch Ken Jeong in Knocked Up, The Hangover and in Community where he always steals the scenes he's in.

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