Monday, 24 May 2010

Review: Bad Lieutenant

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans has finally been released to cinemas in the UK. The film was like, wrapped up in 2008 but didn't find a distributor until 2009! It's quite a cause for concern for me when amazing films like this don't getpicked up, imagine all the great films we've missed out because some fat cat (did I just say that?) in America decides it doesn't have an audience! I'm not sure if this is going to be on wide release, I went to go see it at an independant cinema in Bristol, so it only shows the lesser known films.

Okay, so first things first, this film is AMAZING. If you can, go see it at the cinema. Download it if you can, it's truly spectacular. It's nothing like the other film called Bad Lieutenant, this one is darkly funny and bizarre. Nicholas Cage is actually really really good in this, almost a perfect portrayal. I knew if he stopped trying to chase things and cause explosions he could act! I mean, I love Con Air more than the average person but Nic needs to give it a rest with the action films sometimes!

Directed by Werner Herzog, who also directed Grizzly Man and a slew of other really good films (motherfucker also got shot with a sniper paintball gun a couple of years ago in an interview and didn't bat an eyelid) this is the tale of a New Orleans cop gone off the rails. Snorting whatever he can find, dabbling in gambling and bullying everyone around him, can the bad Lieutenant survive this film? That's what you're asking yourself the whole time. Like Clockwork Orange, you find yourself rooting for the Alex DeLarge, even though he's a bit naughty. This can also be viewed as a sort of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas adventure, but without getting really boring half way through.

I urge everyone to go see it, download it, buy the DVD, ANYTHING! Nicholas Cage has TAXES TO PAY. Please think of Nic Cage.

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